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Tips and Tricks > Check your purchase to avoid counterfeit products.

Check your purchase to avoid counterfeit products.


Check your purchase to avoid counterfeit products.

Counterfeit printing supplies and computing products can pose considerable risks to consumers. Because fake products often do not meet HP’s struct quality and safety standards, they can malfunction or even endanger your health and safety.

This information will help you in checking your purchases for possible counterfeits.


1. Check the security label

·         Examine the HP security labels holographic features.

·         If you have a smartphone you can also validate unique code embossed on the latest security labels. Simply capture the quick response (QR) code printed on the label with a smartphone and get an immediate response from HP.


Download HP’s free SURESUPPLY mobile application to easily check the HP security label



2. All original HP toner printing supplies have security label

If you notice any HP toner print cartridges without a security label you have reason to be suspicious.


3. Selected original HP Inkjet printing supplies carry a security label in EMEA

If a security label is missing from a product this can be indicative of counterfeiting.


4. LFP supplies generally feature a security label when delivered in HP’s current packaging.                Please note that former versions of LFP packaging may not have a security label at all.


5. Be aware of the different variations of the security label as older types can be encountered until stocks are depleted (currently there are three versions of the security label). However, they all have an image-shifting feature that can be checked in the same way as described below:


·         The latest version of the security label features an ink or toner icon with the word “ink” or “toner” clearly printed underneath the respective icon as seen in figure 6.

·         The former versions of security labels either display a QR code with a mobile phone icon as seen in figure 7.

·         Alternatively, as seen in figure 8 the words “original toner” or “original ink” are seen on the security labels.



 6. Always make sure that dates/codes match on both the print cartridge and box.


7. All HP packaging should be of the highest quality therefore you should see no printing mistakes or signs of opening and re-sealing.


8. Examine the print cartridge

Original HP print cartridges are always delivered unused. There should be no sign of damage, ink or toner leakage, scratches or any sign of previous use on the print cartridge itself.


9. Always question how the products were offered to you

·         HP sales practices are consistent and reliable

·         HP sells printing supplies through authorised channels.

·         Always refrain from accepting suspicious sales.

If you are suspicious about a product offered please report to and we can gladly assist you. 

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