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Tips and Tricks > Desktop vs. Notebook : Which is right for you?

Desktop vs. Notebook : Which is right for you?

Desktop vs. Notebook : Which is right for you?

You've decided it's time for a new computer, but you're not sure whether a notebook (laptop) or a desktop PC would be a better fit. There are good reasons for both. It comes down to which will best meet your specific needs.
Here's some information to help you make the right choice:

Desktop PC's

DESKTOP.jpgDesktop PC's are good choice if you frequently work with large graphics, video or other demanding applications because they typically have more powerful components.

A stationary computer may also work best for your family if you have children who require monitoring while working on the PC. So if you have no difficulty using the computer in a dedicated space and have room, a desktop PC should work well for your needs.


notebook.jpgWith more powerful processors and compact components, notebook PC's are now more full-featured than ever before. but their main selling point is their portability. Notebooks are a great choice if you want the flexibility to move from room to room without wires, or you need to travel with your PC.

Notebooks can also be a wise choice if your family has an older student who needs to work in a quiet place away from the family room, or work in the library, at school or at a friend's house.

How do desktop PC's and notebooks measure up?

The chart below briefly compares some of the major factors you should consider before purchasing a notebook or PC:

Which is better for...? Desktop PC Notebook  
Portability   X
Tight Budget X  
Easier upgrades & repairs X  
Ergonomics X  
Small Spaces   X
Convenience   X

Things to consider before you buy:

Often you can get a desktop PC for less than a notebook because a notebook's smaller components are more complex and costly to manufacture. However, with a notebook's all-in-one design, you won't be able to buy components like a monitor and keyboard separately.

Notebooks are made to be portable and allow you to take your digital life with you wherever you go. They come in a wide range of sizes - ranging from 12" to 18" (this is the length of the screen diagonally from corner to corner)m and in thin and light or ultra-portable models.

UPGRADES.jpgUpgrades and Repairs
Desktop PC's often give you more flexibilityto modify components, such as adding more memory (RAM), hard drives, or upgrading your processor.
A notebook's all-in-one design makes it harder to upgrade or repair components.

In general, Desktop PC's lend themselves to a more ergonomically correct workspace. A desktop PC's adjustable monitor, full-size keyboard and position on dedicated desk space help to minimize strain on the eyes, neck, back, wrists and hands.
Notebooks can also be set for ergonomics using docking station, external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

When space is limited, a notebook can fit almost anywhere. In contrast, the size and wired connections of a desktop PC require it to stay stationary. If you have a small work area but don't mind keeping the PC in one place, there are space-saving PC options, like Small Form Factor or All-In-One PC's, that are specifically designed for smaller spaces.

Notebooks offer a variety of convenience, including the freedom to go wherever you please thanks to WiFi and other wireless connection options such as WWAN. Many notebooks also feature extended battery life to give you more time to get things done before you have to plug in and recharge. 

Now the big question : Should you buy a notebook or a desktop PC?

It really comes down to what your needs and preferences are. If you want a PC for everyday use such as word processing, e-mails, sharing photos and watching movies, both desktop PC's and notebooks offer affordable options. If convenience and portability are important to you, then a notebook is probably a better fit for your needs. If you'd rather buy a PC now and have greater flexibility to upgrade it later, then you may want to buy a desktop PC.

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