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HP Mobility. Built for the ways you work.

Mobility’ has become one of those catch-all terms that tries to mean everything, and so has come to mean nothing. You’ve probably seen the phrase assigned to just about everything – across ads, white papers and conference sessions. Wireless networking? Call it mobility. Wearables? Mobility. Hands-free, cloud-connected augmented reality? Mobility. After a while, it just becomes noise.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you add context, when you explore what mobility could bring to an industry, a business, even a single employee, it becomes tangible – and relevant.

At HP, we believe Mobility should be more than just marketing-speak. We believe Mobility should be a path to solutions that bring real, tangible benefits to your business. Solutions that surprise and delight your customers, help your employees work smarter and streamline processes rather than complicate them. Solutions that help keep data secure, and that allow the IT team to sleep at night.

It’s this belief that’s driven us to develop a range of business-grade devices specifically tailored to the needs of mobile professionals. Devices that leverage hardware, software and connectivity to keep employees productive and data secure. Devices subjected to stringent, military-grade durability testing to ensure they can handle the day-to-day rigors of business and keep going. Devices customized to industry-specific needs (because one size does not fit all) and designed to integrate seamlessly into remote management solutions like HP Touchpoint Manager.

Could we have taken some consumer products, slapped different colored cases on them, and called it Mobility? Sure. But we didn’t, because we believe in solutions built for business, not half-measures.

In the coming months, we’ll be exploring what true Business Mobility means…in context. We’ll be talking with experts, explorers and visionaries, scoping out emerging trends and mapping the trails that pioneers are blazing. We’ll be looking at the nuances of Business Mobility from multiple angles to help you understand your options and inspire the right mobility solutions for your organization. Shall we begin?



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