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Save more and use less...

Tips for saving more and using less

Making a few simple adjustments to how and when you print means less impact on the environment and bigger savings for your business. Simple ideas such as limiting colour use, proofing your work, and buying in bulk will reduce waste and allow your company to use time and resources more efficiently.

Before you print

Proof your work onscreen first and you'll get flawless prints.
HP makes a Laser paper for all your business printing needs.
Taking the time to proof and preview a document before you hit print means less do-overs and no wasted materials.
Proof your work
A lot of ink can be wasted printing pages you don't need or can't use! So, whether you're printing a proposal or business letter, always run a spelling and grammar check to correct any mistakes you might have made before you print.
Preview your page
The print preview function lets you see how a document will look on the page before you print it. Here's how:
1. Select File
2. Click Print Preview to view your document
3. Hit Esc to return to the normal view
All Microsoft Office 2010 applications also allow you to preview your document in the print screen without any additional keystrokes.
Stock the right paper
Just printed out driving directions on your best cardstock? Make sure you have the right paper in your printer before you hit print!
Many HP printers feature a second paper tray or feed slot, making it easy to print on the right paper for each job. Plus you can reap these benefits:
Print on either premium paper or reused paper without having to change paper in your printer.
Have a tray dedicated to letterhead or different media sizes including envelopes, legal-size paper, and more.

Control colour use

Use color on prints when you need to catch someone's eye.
Manage all your printers from wherever you are with Jetadmin.
By managing your colour printing, you can get the best return on your investment, while ensuring important materials get all the colour they deserve. Colour access control allows printing on your terms.
Maximize colour impact
Not every document needs to be in colour. Cover letters and draft versions can be printed in black-and-white. To maximize your marketing impact, use colour when you want to catch someone's eye. Colour is perfect for these projects:
Business cards
Manage access
Using HP printers with embedded Web servers allows you to manage who can use colour. Here's how:
Create lists of users who can use colour.
Program PINs for users making colour copies.
Generate lists of applications that can be printed in colour.
Manage printers
An easy way to manage all your printers is Jetadmin, a Web-based tool that lets you install, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage your printers and print infrastructure—wherever you are.
In terms of colour, Jetadmin lets you centrally manage printers to allow or disallow colour printing on any given printer, based on user, application, or time of day.

Save on supplies

Buying toner in bulk can reap you even more savings.
HP inks deliver vivid prints.
HP paper's ColorLok technology produces bolder blacks and vivid colors.
Saving on supplies doesn't have to mean cutting back. By making informed supply choices and managing your printing features, saving money has never been easier.
Buy in bulk
When you buy paper and ink in large quantities, you can reap even more savings.
Original HP Ink Cartridge Combo Pack combines black-and-white and colour cartridges for your HP printer in one convenient package. And when you buy from HP, you never pay shipping on ink!
Original HP Ink XL cartridges print 3x more than regular cartridges, saving you even more!
Use HP ink
It's tempting to use a refill device or generic cartridges, but non-HP inks may smudge (which requires you to reprint) and could clog your HP printer's sensitive mechanisms.
Original HP ink cartridges print up to twice the pages—on average—of refilled cartridges tested.
Use HP paper
HP paper delivers fade-resistant and durable prints. And, with HP paper's ColorLok technology, your print's bolder blacks and vivid colours will dry three times faster than with ordinary papers.
Print head cleaning
Perhaps you've noticed that even if you rarely print, your ink may start to run low. This happens because the printer may automatically run routine maintenance to clean the print heads (the little nozzles that distribute the ink). If you don't want to use ink for this, here are two things you can do:
Print regularly—once a week is a good goal. This will keep the print heads clear of any ink buildup.
If you go long periods between prints, turn your printer off from the on/off button.
TIP: Don't turn it off from the power strip—the printer needs to reset before shutting down.

Adjust your settings

For everyday print jobs, use Draft mode in your printer settings.
Save color ink by switching to grayscale printing when you don't need bright hues.
HP's Smart Web Printing gives you prints from the Web that automatically fit your paper.
Managing your printer settings is a great way to save supplies and money, and is as easy as hitting a few buttons. You can access your printer's settings within any standard application, or by clicking the printer icon on your desktop. The steps below are for PC users; Mac users should consult their manual.
Print quality
Your printer's different quality settings use different amounts of ink. For everyday print jobs, like first drafts, use Draft mode, which is quicker and uses less ink.
1. Go to File
2. Print
3. Printer Properties
4. Paper/Quality
5. Under "Quality Settings," Select Draft
Print in black-and-white
Colour ink is generally more expensive than black ink, so it's best to use it only when you really need it. Save colour ink by switching to grayscale printing when you don't need bright hues.
1. Go to File
2. Print
3. Printer Properties
4. Advanced...
5. Print in Grayscale
6. Choose "Black Ink Only" from the drop-down box
Set page ranges
If you only need a portion of a document printed, you can tell your printer which pages you need. Here's how:
1. Go to the print dialog box
2. Select the desired page range (for example, pages 1 to 2)
Printing draft documents double-sided is a great way to save paper. Here's how:
1. Go to File
2. Print
3. Find the "Print One Sided" drop-down box
4. Choose Print on Both Sides
Printing Web pages
There are a number of ways to avoid printing unwanted ads and information when printing Web pages.
Look for "printable versions" or PDF options of documents. You can save and print these like any standard document.
Try HP's Smart Web Printing utility. Download it for free, and get prints from the Web that automatically fit your paper.


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