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Using Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 apps are any software programs that you install on your Windows 8 computer. Many apps can be purchased and downloaded from the Windows 8 Store, and Windows 8 comes with its own pre-installed apps, such as Maps and Calendar.

What are Apps?

Windows 8 provides a seamless experience between mobile and desktop computers. Part of this process involves the introduction of apps.

An app is any software program installed on your computer. For example, in Windows 7, Microsoft Word was a program. In Windows 8, Word is an app that can be accessed through both the Start screen and the Desktop.

Moving between Apps

To move between open apps, use any of the following three methods:

·         Press Alt+tab on the keyboard.

·         Swipe from the left with your finger (touchscreen).

·         With a mouse, click the upper left corner of the screen.

Users can multitask with two apps running on the screen at the same time. One app appears snapped in a strip on the left edge of the screen. The other app fills the rest of the screen.

You can easily resize the apps to make the smaller one big and vice versa.

NOTE: This feature only works on screens that are wide enough to support having two apps side by side (more than 1366 pixels wide).

Closing Apps

Windows 8 apps do not have close buttons. When you change to another app, the previous app is suspended so that it is running in the background using very few system resources. If your system needs resources, Windows automatically closes the apps. When you re-open that app, you can continue where you left off.

If you want to completely close an app, use one of the following methods:

·         Move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. When it changes from an arrow into a hand, drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Your app shrinks and then disappears off the bottom of the screen.

·         Press Alt+F4.

·         Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to start Task Manager. Click the app in the apps list and click End Task.

Finding and opening files, settings, and apps

You can search for anything from the Start screen by typing on the keyboard. For example, to search for an HP app, type HP on the keyboard. A list of all HP apps displays.

You can also search using the Search charm:

1.      Press the Windows (Windows 8 keyboard key)  + C key to open the charms bar.

Figure 1: Search charm

2.      Click Search.

Figure 2: Searching for an app

3.      Type the name of the app you want to open into the Search box, and then click your item in the search results to open it.

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