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Tips and Tricks > Why HP Original Ink Cartridges and not Generic supplies?

Why HP Original Ink Cartridges and not Generic supplies?

4 Reasons why you should buy your Original HP ink cartridges now.

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Original HP ink gives you more.


1. More reliability

HP printers perform better with Original HP Ink. 15.7% of refilled ink cartridges failed during use or right out of the box compared to less than 1% of HP ink.2 This isn’t something you want to worry about, and you won’t with Original HP Ink.

2. More performance

You can help extend the life of your HP printer with Original HP ink cartridges. They’re calibrated to avoid nozzle clogging and print quality degradation, and rigorously tested to ensure clear, sharp outputs.

3. More responsible

The plastic our "closed-loop” recycling system has collected was reused in more than a billion new Original HP ink cartridges.5 Our commitment to the environment makes it easier for everyone to do their part.

More on Recycling HP supplies coming soon...



4. What people are saying about cheap ink

  • So all these years I've been buying cheap ink thinking I've been so frugal and great, but I've actually been wasting money because the yield isn't as high and the quality's not nearly as good.3

- Pamela Thompson

  • I don't plan on buying cheap ink for my HP printers again. They are not worth the hassle and frustration. Especially when you factor in how many more prints you can get with Original HP ink over cheap ink.3

- Ken Cheung

  • I can get FAR more prints throughout the life of the [Original HP ink] cartridge.4

- Jamie Cook

  • [Original HP ink] lasts longer and doesn't waste ink per page printed, therefore it lasts a lot longer and is cheaper over time.4

- Katie V.



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