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Why buy Original HP Toner?

Original HP Toner Cartridges compared to bargain toner

Whether you're printing marketing brochures or black-and-white business documents, you get affordable, high-quality output with Original HP printer toner. Original HP toner cartridges work the first time, every time.
We'll explain why using non-HP toner just isn't worth the risk.

HP toner vs. non-HP toner

Original HP printer toner works the first time, every time.
When it comes to printing, not all printer toner is the same. Non-HP toner may look like a bargain, but on closer inspection, it's anything but!
Original HP printer toner:
Works the first time, every time.
Pays you back by cutting down on the number of reprints and cartridge replacements, saving you time and paper.
Is precision engineered to work with your HP LaserJet printer to deliver consistent, client-quality documents every time you print.
Non-HP printer toner:
Doesn't work properly 40% of the time.
Potentially costs 10% more than the price of Original HP LaserJet printer toner due to blotchy, faded, or lined prints, which lead to reprinting.
Creates hidden costs—including wasted paper and replacement cartridges—that drive up your total cost of printing much more than you might imagine.

Save with Original HP printer toner

Stretch your printing dollars with HP high-capacity (X) toner cartridges - perfect for high-volume printing environments.
For offices with higher print volumes, stretch your printing dollars even further with HP high-capacity (X) toner cartridges and multipacks:
High-capacity (X) cartridges save up to 35%
Plus, Original HP printer toner now offers a wider range of colors—22% more than with our previous generation cartridges—so you can create print-shop quality marketing materials without the high price tag of outsourcing.


You can feel good about using Original HP printer toner.
You can feel good about using Original HP printer toner because you reduce your environmental impact without compromising quality:
HP LaserJet toner cartridges have been engineered to use recycled plastic and still meet HP's demanding standards for quality and reliability.
The HP LaserJet cartridge "closed loop" recycling process uses recycled plastic from HP LaserJet cartridges to create new Original HP LaserJet cartridges.
For Original HP LaserJet printer toner cartridges manufactured with reclaimed materials, up to 20% of the cartridge is made from recycled and recovered content.
HP's energy-efficient printer toner contributes to energy savings of up to 35% while printing, as compared with previous generations of HP toner.


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