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Tips and Tricks > Windows 8 : Finding & Opening Files, Settings, Tools & Utilities

Windows 8 : Finding & Opening Files, Settings, Tools & Utilities

Finding and opening files, settings and apps on your Windows 8 :

You can search & find anything from the Start screen by typing on the keyboard. For example, to search for an HP app, type HP on the keyboard. A list of all HP apps displays.

You can also search using the Search charm:
1. Press the Windows ( ) + C key.

Figure 1: Search charm

2. Type the name of the thing you want to open or search for into the Search box, and then click your item in the search results to open it.

Figure 2: Search example

Where is the Control Panel or Device Manager?

Many users use the control panel to perform administrative task such as creating users and uninstalling a program. You can access the control panel using any of the following three methods:

Use the Charms Bar in Desktop Mode:

1. While on the desktop, bring out the charms bar.
2. Click Settings.
3. Select Control Panel.

Use the Start button:

1. Right-click the Start button ( )
2. Click Control Panel.

You can also use the Start button ( ) to open other frequently used tools & utilities such as Device Manager, Task Manager, Disk Manager, Search and Run.


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